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Call Information (Blue = Medical, Red = Fire)
2019-07-15 19:33:26.000000 QRS1 Q1 E-1 FIRST RESPONDER ROSS HILL RETIREMENT HOME #203 at 7500 ROSS PARK DR #203 ROS
2019-07-15 17:34:42.000000 QRS1 Q1 E-1 FIRST RESPONDER 4519 ZANE PL btwn NELSON RUN RD and END ROS
2019-07-15 17:28:59.000000 QRS2 Q2 E-2 FIRST RESPONDER TOWNE NORTH TOWERS #111 at 99 CORBETT CT #111 ROS
2019-07-15 02:58:56.000000 QRS1 Q1 E-1 FIRST RESPONDER 4537 BRETHAUER AVE btwn NELSON PARK DR and EAKIN AVE ROS

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BHFC releases 2018 Public CPR/FIRST AID Training Schedule

Berkeley Hills Fire Company announces its schedule of CPR/AED and Basic First Aid classes for 2018. Classes are held at Berkeley Hills Fire Company station at 235 Siebert Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237. CPR/AED Classes start at 10:00 AM and Basic First Aid Classes, for students that require it, will start immediately after the end of the CPR/AED course.

In 2017, 360 students attended these training courses, from area public safety personnel to Girl & Boy Scout troops, new parents, and local college students. These classes prepare participants to provide potentially life-saving care prior to the arrival of advanced care resources. If you have ever considered taking such classes, or have a requirement for a job or organization that you are involved in to have this training, please have a look at the Public Training page on our website, and reach out using the contact information there if you have any questions.

Submitted by: mmurray
February 03, 2018

251 House

6/2 The Truck took in another fire hours after clearing a 4 alarm fire in Avalon. Early in the morning the assignment was put out for smoke in the TV room with an elderly female inside possibly unable to get out. 251 LT arrived to find fire in the basement of a split entry and asked for an additional Engine and Truck company. Upon arriving the tuck laddered, vented, searched, cut the roof, and opened up for the engine company. The fire was held to the basement by 251 engine and 297 truck.

Submitted by: ColemanD
June 08, 2017

Lakewood Ave Basement Fire WV Boro

5/15/17 The Station was alerted for a house fire in West View. With the Tower being out of service, the Engine company responded on the box with 5. Engine 247 Arrived and went side charlie with Truck 297. The Truck forced entry and the companies searched the basement. 247 found fire from the ceiling, Truck 297 kept it in check with the can. 247 extinguished the fire in the basement and also from the first floor, with both lines from 248 engine.

Submitted by: ColemanD
May 16, 2017

Martsolf Ave Fire West View

5/11/17 The Volunteers responded to West View for an apartment fire. Due to other companies' staffing, the second alarm was sounded. 247 Truck arrived, positioned side Charlie, and sticked the roof. Crews found fire in the walls on floors one, two, and three. The truck opened up for the engine company. The engine company extinguished the fire and the truck started overhaul. 247 responded with 9 members for the fire. Thank you to Wexford and Blawnox fire companies for transferring to our quarters.

Submitted by: ColemanD
May 16, 2017

First Arriving To 246 House

0059 April 6th, 2017 Upon returning from a fire alarm members noticed a house fire in company 246's first due in pending on the CAD. Knowing we were first due truck the crew took off with 5. Chief 246 arrived with fire on the first floor of a duplex. Truck 247 was first arriving side alpha and split up completing inside and outside duties. The building was being laddered and the fire was being kept in check with the can. With a significant knock from the can the line was brought in for mop up. Overhaul and ventilation started and the utilities were controlled. Crews operated for about an hour before returning.

Submitted by: ColemanD
April 06, 2017

1 Trapped

3/15/17 The Engine Company responded to McKnight in front of Red Lobster for a 2 vehicle accident unknown status. Upon 210-C2's arrival he reported one trapped 1 unconscious . The Engine company was Onscene as the report was given. The engine stabilized, started patient care to the priority patient, and pulled a protective handline to the car while Ross West View EMS Rescue extricated the patient.

Submitted by: ColemanD
March 15, 2017

Special Request Engine Company to West View

West View Fire Company responded to a brush fire in the area of Princeton and Carlisle Avenues. 297 Chief was in the area with alot of smoke and requested Engine 247. Engine 247 and the Duty Chief responded with 7 men. 297 chief arrived and found a 30 x 60 foot brush fire and also requested Engine 249. Engine 249 arrived prior to engine 247 and laid supply line from Homekort Ave and Short Street and Engine 247 pumped their line. The Engine company operated for approx 20 minutes extinguishing and checking for hot spots before returning to service.

Submitted by: ColemanD
March 10, 2017

Engine Stretchin'

The Engine Company has been rather steady within the past week and a half running multiple reported fires. One of the highlight incidents was Perrytown tavern in company 248's district. Box 248-005 dropped at 0527 for the rear deck on fire. Engine 247 was the third due engine company and was on the road with 5 as companies were still acknowledging. Engine 247 and 248 met at Good lane, Engine 248 took side charlie and Engine 247 stretched from side alpha and got a knock on the porch fire. Company 248 placed a ground ladder and found no extension to the building. Crews operated for approximately 20 minutes before returning to service.

Submitted by: ColemanD
March 07, 2017

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