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Engine Company Runs Pin on McKnight

8/4/16: Early in the afternoon, EMS Station 210, 312 Rescue 40, and Engine 247 were dispatched for a vehicle crash on McKnight Road at Browns Lane. The call was quickly updated with reports of entrapment. The Engine Company arrived to find two vehicles with one patient confined. Crews pulled the "Red Line" for a protection line and went to work along with Rescue 40 to quickly extricate the patient. Great job to everyone involved!

Submitted by: mmurray
August 14, 2016

July 2016

The volunteers were kept busy throughout July, handling 47 fire and 66 QRS runs. This brings the year to date total to 275 Fire and 473 QRS for a total of 748 runs as of the end of the month.

Highlights of July included:
  • A 2-alarm Building Fire in Shaler, 247 crews handled roof operations cutting several ventilation holes.
  • A large debris pile on fire at the construction site of the Northway Mall in the first due. 247 Engine was on the road with 4 while tones still dropping and held it with the "Red Line."
  • Several Public Relations details throughout the area
  • 247 Engine, Truck, and Command attended the Ross Township Independence Day parade, and 247 Engine attended the Ohio Township parade

This was in addition to "the usual" mix of fire alarms, vehicle crashes, outside fires, and QRS calls.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the busiest all volunteer firehouses in Allegheny County, click on the recruiting tab above and make a difference!

Submitted by: mmurray
August 14, 2016

Paramedic Jack

Congratulations to our one and only Jack Morgan on successfully earning his Paramedic Degree from Luzerne County Community College! Earning a Paramedic Degree is an huge success and we are more than proud of him for all the time and effort he put into achieving it. Jack is truly an asset to the organization and hope for him to be with us for many years.

Congratulations, Jack!

Submitted by: ColemanD
July 28, 2016

June 2016

This month, the volunteers responded to 40 fire runs for a variety of issues from alarms to small fires. The volunteers also took in 48 QRS runs. Berkeley Hills is one of two companies in the township that provides a Quick Response Medical Service to supplement EMS and provide patient care before arrival of an ambulance.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the busiest all volunteer firehouses in Allegheny county, click on the recruiting tab above and make a difference!

Submitted by: ColemanD
July 05, 2016

Truck goes to water rescue in 246 first due

As local storms moved in, members stepped up to put more staffing in the firehouse. At 2223 the call was received for a woman trapped in her car in flood water in the area of 2115 Babcock Blvd (Monte Cello's Restaurant). The Truck responded with 7, the squad with 3, and the deputy. EMS arrived on scene and was able to assist the woman out of her car. The deputy was unable to get to 2115 Babcock due to flooding conditions at the intersection of Babcock and Peoples road. With rain still falling and Monte Cello's being surrounded on 4 sides by water, the swift water rescue team was requested from 188 and 149. Once some of the water receded making it safer for the occupants of the Monte cellos to evacuate they did so. once the restaurant was evacuated the crew from 188 proceeded down Babcock to the area of best feeds to assist the deputy with over 2 feet of water. The volunteers operated for about an hour before returning to service.

Submitted by: ColemanD
June 17, 2016

Sunday Box Alarm

As the truck was on its way to a car show at the Masonic Temple, the box alarm was sounded for an odor of smoke in the building at the Waldorf Park Apartments. The truck responded and added an additional engine to supplement the first due engine. 247 truck arrived reporting nothing evident, and the engine arrived shortly after taking their own hydrant and stretching the 400'. Upon investigation an odor of smoke was found on division 2. The ladder truck forced entry to the apartment to find a pot of meat left on the stove. Truck 297 assisted with ventilation and all companies were returned.

Submitted by: ColemanD
June 06, 2016

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