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Volunteers kept busy on Tuesday

Crews were kept busy Tuesday beginning around 1330, when Truck 247 was dispatched for smoke in the hallway at Passavant Hospital, along with 188, 186, & 187. Truck 247 responded staffed with 5, and upon arrival was staged side one while crews from 188 investigated. Units were cleared with no cause found, and 188 Duty Chief help the command. A few hours later, the Squad was dispatched along with Ross/West View EMS for a vehicle into a hillside. Squad 247 arrived first and found one vehicle into the hillside, with no injuries or hazards. The driver stated he had fallen asleep at the wheel, and chose the hillside rather than the oncoming vehicle. Units were cleared. Later in the evening, after running 3 more EMS calls, and while out performing in house training, the company was dispatched for a fire alarm at Inn Town Suites in 246's first due. Truck 247, Engines 247-1 & 247-2, Squad 247, and the Chiefs Buggy responded with 19 men, along with 246 and 252. While en route, 246 Chief updated with smoke on the second floor. Engine 247-1 arrived as the first due engine, and made entry. As the crew made the second floor, there was a strong odor of smoke present. The crew stretched a 150' 1 3/4 high rise pack from the standpipes. Engine 247-2 laid out and made connections to the pipes, while Truck 247 positioned on the one-two corner and set up for operations. Assisted by crews from 246 and 252, and extensive investigation was performed. Multiple rooms were checked, and entry forced into 2 additional rooms to which no key was available. After investigating and checking with thermal imagers, the odor had dissipated. Crews wrapped up, and no cause was found. Chief 246 had the command, with 246 C-3 and 247 C-2 with sectors.
Submitted by: Guido
March 25, 2005

Bascom Avenue House Fire

March 15, 2005. At 1254, Stations 251 (Seville), 250 (Fairview) and 252 (Keating) were dispatched to the 300 block of Bascom Ave for a reported house fire with possible entrapment. Police and EMS arrived shortly thereafter and reported smoke showing. 251 C-1 requested a second alarm bringing stations 108 (Bellevue), 103 (Avalon) and 246 (Evergreen) for RIT. A short time later, stations 247 (Berkeley Hills) and 249 (Quaill) were dispatched due to minimum response from the first two alarms. While E247-1 was enroute, E251 arrived on the scene and crewed u p with Ross West View Rescue 40's crew to begin a search and fire attack. E247-1 arrived a short time later laying a supply line into E252 from Bascom Ave and Zug Ave. Crews from 247 assisted with primary searches of the first floor and basement area, both of which proved negative. After the searches were complete, crews worked to contain the fire that had spread thru all areas of the house due to balloon frame construction. The fire was put under control at approximately 150 pm. A short time later, the resident was found safe and sound running some errands. Thanks to 251 for the work, and 261 for the coverage.
Submitted by: Guido
March 22, 2005

Thanks to West Lanham Hills Company 28

March 11-12 & 13, 2005. This weekend a few of the Berkeley Boys went on another little training adventure. This time the destination was West Lanham Hills Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C. The boys rode along with Prince Georges County Company 28. Company 28 is staffed by county paid men during the weekday hours, but relies on volunteer live-ins during the evening and weekend hours. The station houses a new Pierce XT 105ft straight stick, 2 engines, and a mini pumper. After hangin' out on the Capital Beltway for an hour or so, the crew finally arrived at company 28 around 2000 hrs. Once settled in, we had the opportunity to look over the new truck, their riding assignments, and get a feel for how they operate. A few things we liked about the new truck were the convenient tool locations, large amount of ground ladders, and very efficient scene lighting. Just over two hours into our stay, company 28 was alerted for a house fire in Kentland. Units arrived with a working fire in a two-story house. Given a chance to see their operations in action, we took note of optimal apparatus placement, quick line deployment, multiple water sources, and aggressive ventilation techniques. Units from 28 remained for about 30 minutes. A few hours later, Truck 28 and Engine 281 responded on a two-alarm fire in Riverdale. First alarm companies went on the scene with a good apartment fire and requested a second alarm due to fire spread and water supply issues. The Truck went to work opening up while the engine was staged. Units remained for about 45 minutes. The rest of the weekend consisted of many medic locals, auto crashes, alarm bells, gas leaks and smoke investigations adding up to about 25 runs total. There were a lot of great things we learned and brought back from the trip, and a few other things we decided to leave there. Thanks to all the guys at 28 for the learning experience.... and thanks to Chief Larkin for the Chicken and biscuits.

Visit Company 28 @
Submitted by: Guido
March 20, 2005

247 covers vehicle fire in 149's first due

March 11, 2005. While Etna (149) was working a house fire in Shaler Villa's district, 247 was standing by at Undercliff's (264) firehouse covering multiple districts. While standing by, 247 got struck out for a possible car fire against a residence. 247-E1, staffed with 6 and 247 C-2 arrived on scene to find a van against a house with no Fire. Crews determined the problem to be faulty wiring. 247 crews disconnected the battery and returned back into service.
Submitted by: beckert247
March 12, 2005

Thanks to Progress Fire Company and Billy Goldfeder

March 4 & 5, 2005. This weekend a few of the Berkeley Boys took a lil' road trip to the other side of the state to attend a seminar put on by Billy Goldfeder. Overnight Friday, the crew had the opportunity to ride and bunk in at Progress Fire Company just outside of Harrisburg. Arriving at Progress, we were given a warm welcome by a great group of guys. It was good to have the opportunity to see the equipment and get a feel for how things are done on the other side of the mountains. While at Progress, we caught a few runs, but no fire. However, we still got to see their beautifully speced' Tower Ladder, awesome Rescue Engine, The 9th Division Commander (Retired FDNY Wagon), humongous bunk room, and ferocious snapping turtle. Hands down, it's an awesome firehouse with a lot of great guys. Thanks to all the guys at Progress for their hospitality. Even though we all wanted to move in and never leave, we departed early Saturday morning for the seminar at Millersville University. Billy G's seminar focused mainly on firefighter safety, survival, and wellbeing. The program consisted of a lot videos, pictures, and studies of all the stupid things we as firefighters do to hurt and kill ourselves. Some suggestions Billy G stressed to decrease firefighter injury was the necessity of a well staffed firehouse, a strong command structure, riding assignments, a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, WEARING YOUR SEATBELTS, and keeping an eye on "the big picture". Billy also spoke a good bit about life in general and put a lot of things into perspective. This lecture was very blunt, however insightful. I highly recommend you see him speak if you are ever given the opportunity.
Submitted by: Guido
March 09, 2005

February 22, 2005 - Two Fires

Around 0230 hrs, the structure assignment was struck for Vincentian Regency in Co 188's first due. Northwest Regional reported a fire in a maintenance garage next to the nursing home. Units from 188 arrived to confirm fire showing from a 4 bay garage. T-247 arrived with a crew of 5 to find McCandless crews with lines stretched making a good knock on the fire. The truck crew assisted in opening up the building and setting up lights. 247 assisted with a little overhaul and returned to service shortly thereafter. The fire originated from a pickup truck and is suspicious in nature.

Later that evening, around 2000 hrs, 247 was alerted for a vehicle fire behind the Goodwill store in the Ross Towne Center strip mall. NEWCOM also advised it was reported to be close to the structure. Engines 247-1 and 2 (with nine men) went on scene in minutes with one auto, well off, with extension to 2 dumpsters and other various items behind the goodwill store. 247 C-4 ( Zappas) requested the first alarm, bringing 253, 246, Truck 186, and the fire marshal. The fire was knocked with one 1 3/4" hand line, and a second 1 3/4" hand line for the exposures. Engine 247-2 had the structure laddered, and EMS Chief 404 (Coleman) handled the evacuation from the storefronts. There was a smoke condition in the store, however no extension into the store. Units remained on scene for approx 45 minutes venting the structure and overhauling. 247C-4 (Zappas) had the command.

Submitted by: Guido
March 04, 2005

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