In Memory of
Chief Emeritus
John C. Haschke



Truck - 2012 Pierce Arrow XT Aluminum Platform
247 Truck is a 100ft Ladder Tower with a 1250GPM pump and 300 gallon water tank. It is used primarily as a Ladder Truck, but is available to function as an engine if needed. It responds second out to all in district building fires, and first out to pumping details, carbon monoxide emergencies, and physical rescues. In addition to serving Ross Township, the truck also responds into nearby municipalities as requested.

Specifications and Equipment:
The Ladder Truck carries a large assortment of forcible entry tools, hand tools, hooks, (4) vent saws, (4) vent fans, basic rope and water rescue equipment, salvage equipment, 159ft of assorted ground ladders, (2) pre-connected attack lines, and 600ft of 5 inch supply line.

Engine 1 - 2016 Pierce Enforcer
Engine 1 provides suppression coverage to the Berkeley Hills Fire District and nearby municipalities as requested. The Engine is the primary unit for most in district fire calls, and is certified by the PA Department of Health to respond to medical emergencies as needed.

Specifications and Equipment:
Engine 1 has a 1500 gpm pump and carries 500 gallons of water. Engine 1 has a 150 foot bumper line of 1.75. (2) 200 foot 1.75 crosslays, a 400 foot 1.75 line, 1,000 feet of 3 inch, 1,200 feet of 5 inch supply, 300 feet of 2.5 inch, (2) pre-connected 3 inch standpipe lines, 150 feet of 1.75 bundle load, (3) 1.75 high rise racks. Engine 1 also has 150 feet of 1 inch "booster line".

Squad - 2011 Ford Expedition
247 Squad is a PA DOH certified QRS vehicle. Along with being the main QRS vehicle in our station, it also is used to transport extra personnel to fire scenes and to take our firefighters to classes.

General Specifications:
247 Squad carries the required medical equipment to be certified by the DOH including an AED. For fire scenes, it also carries a variety of hand tools and 2 SCBA. For auto accidents, it carries a small amount of Oil-Dry and cribbing for stabilization.

Command - 2015 GMC Sierra
The Command vehicle is primarily utilized as a mobile command post, providing the Duty Chief with communication equipment to ensure safe, effective, and efficient Incident Command operations.

General Specifications:
The Duty Chief's Command vehicle is equipped with a set of irons, a crowbar, a medical bag with AED, 2 rope bags, 2 life jackets for water rescue, as well as 2 SCBAS with spare cylinders.